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World Cup Fan Edition Home Replica Soccer Jerseys

As early as March 17, 2015, adidas announced that it would not renew the jersey sponsorship contract in the soccer after the 2016-17 season. This cooperation since 2006 finally ended this year. Instead, it is NIKE. They announced their cooperation with the Replica Soccer Jerseys in June 2015.

The 2017-18 season will take effect. Today, Nike Media Center officially announced that they will provide four core versions for Replica soccer Jerseys teams in the new season. , And the league version of the championship jersey also debuted for the first time.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

After 25 years of insight into active Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys players, NIKE has adjusted the design of the jersey by studying the player’s 3D body positioning, including heat and sweating distribution maps, to cope with the 82 intense games throughout the season. This time, the designers of NIKE improved the weight, fit and structural details of the jersey, and paid special attention to improving agility.

In addition to the Cheap Replica Soccer Jerseys, the sportswear team provided by NIKE also includes many national teams, of course, the Chinese men’s basketball team is one of them. During the 2016 Olympics, the American Dream Team players who won the gold medal provided specific and detailed feedback on the national team’s jersey.
These valuable user experiences also helped NIKE to further optimize the design of the jersey, including adjusting the cuffs and neckline. And the position of the side seams, the ultimate goal is to reduce the interference caused by friction to the athletes.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

“The psychological advantages of a high-quality jersey are very important,” said Kyrie Irving. “Nike listened to our voices during the development of the jersey. This is very meaningful. I am very looking forward to being able to wear this new jersey.”

Compared with the 2016 US team jersey, the most significant change of the new jersey is on the back of the jersey. The NIKE designer adjusted the structure here to greatly improve the fit. In addition, the hem design of the shirt and shorts has also been improved to ensure that players can move flexibly on the court.

Replica Soccer Jerseys

From the spy photos of the players’ upper bodies, the most intuitive feeling is that the Replica Jerseys seem to be smaller and more fitting, unlike the loose ones before. For example, the already announced Warriors League version home jersey, embroidered with the Swoosh logo on the right chest, the overall texture of the jersey is lighter and thinner, and the shoulder straps are narrower than before.

“If you look good and feel good, then you will play well,” Draymond Green said. “I welcome any form of competitive advantage on the court, and the new Nike soccer jerseys responded to our feedback.”